Portfolio Management Services
How We Work

Leveraging the latest fact-based investment research as taught by top business
schools and supported by Nobel-prize winning economists with a foundation in the
efficient markets hypothesis, Bickford Investment Management Services helps clients:

  • Set individualized investment goals
  • Analyze their current position
  • Design a broadly-diversified, scientifically constructed portfolio for an optimum
    risk/reward ratio
  • Implement, monitor and supervise the portfolio
  • Client assets are held by an independent custodian.  Clients can log in to the
    custodian website and view their holdings at any time.  Only clients can withdraw


Fully-managed investment portfolios are managed on an annual-fee
basis with a $1-million (typical) household minimum:

  • First $1,000,000  at 0.6% per year (0.15% per quarter)
  • Next $1,000,000  at 0.32% per year (0.08% per quarter)
  • Next $3,000,000  at 0.18% per year (0.045% per quarter)
  • Next $5,000,000  at 0.11% per year (0.0275% per quarter)
  • Subsequent amounts at 0.08% per year (0.02% per quarter)

To reduce tax impact, fees are payable directly from IRA accounts on a quarterly basis
and are not reported on 1099 distribution forms.

Disclosure Statement  Investment advisors are required to prepare a written
disclosure statement for delivery to prospective and actual advisory clients.  This
document contains information about Bickford Investment Management Services
practices. To access our disclosure statement click
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