About Us
About Our Business

Bickford Investment Management Services meets the
needs of different clients by tailoring services to individual

Services include:
  • Fully managed investment portfolios on a low-cost,
    fee only (no commission) basis.  We feel that
    commission-based advice creates an inherent
    conflict of interest.  Our only interest is in seeing
    your assets grow.
  • Access to institutional-quality investments not
    available to the general public

My Background

Joel Bickford has BS & MS Degrees from UC Davis and
spent 18 years at Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies
where he received seven patents for aerospace and
communications test equipment components.  With a
passion for investment research since graduating from
college, he has developed extensive expertise in
investment theory and application and retired from
engineering in 2002 at age 42. He currently manages
assets part-time to help others achieve better financial

Joel is a Registered Investment Advisor and formed
Bickford Investment Management Services in 2003.  Joel
resides in Sonoma, California with his wife, Julie.  He is an
avid shotgun clay target shooter who also enjoys cycling
and hiking.
With a mobile
home office, we
work with clients
almost any time
and anywhere.
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