Articles Authored by Joel Bickford
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Bickford Investment Management Services provides articles we feel will interest our
clients and help them keep current on investment research and philosophies.  Following
is a selection of general-interest articles by Joel Bickford.

Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement
This article looks at historical stock/bond ratios for retirement portfolios and
considers how stock market price level affects future returns.
Safe Withdrawal Rates in Retirement by Joel Bickford

Why Wait? Making the Right Investment Decisions Now
This article examines the difficult question of when to make asset allocation
changes and discusses how to avoid consistently making investment mistakes.
Why Wait?  Making the Right Investment Decisions Now by Joel Bickford

Five Keys of Maximizing Your Wealth
This article describes five of the top actions individual investors should take to maximize
the performance of their financial portfolios.
Five Keys of Maximizing Your Wealth by Joel Bickford

How do I Improve Stock Portfolio Returns?
This article analyzes the returns of stock portfolios with different asset class
allocations and shows the expected returns and risk trade-offs.
Improving Stock Portfolio Returns Through Asset Allocation by Joel Bickford

Will My Money Last Through My Retirement?
This article discusses safe spending rates from investment portfolios and the
likelihood of not running out of money.  The article provides an overview of the two
primary factors involved.  It gives you the steps you can take for developing a portfolio
and spending plan based on your life expectancy and risk tolerances.   (IRS life
expectancy tables are included in the Appendix.)
Spending Rates from Retirement Portfolios by Joel Bickford

Getting Better Returns:  Value Stocks Vs. Growth Stocks?
All leading US business schools teach the Fama/French model which shows us that small
and value stocks have provided better investment returns than large and growth stocks.  
This article provides an overview of the Fama/French model and helps investors
understand how to build a diversified portfolio to achieve improved expected returns with
low volatility risk.
Fama/French Three-Factor Model by Joel Bickford