Bickford Investment Management Services
Our Mission

Bickford Investment Management Services applies the
latest academic research findings to the intelligent
construction and management of investment portfolios.

We focus on creating widely diversified investment
portfolios with high-expected returns and low risk in order
to optimize our clients' overall risk/reward position.
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What we offer

Bickford Investment Management Services provides
clients with intelligent investment portfolio construction
and management on a fee-only (no commission) basis at
less than half the fees charged by the average
investment advisor.
  • Trustworthy: We offer fee-only services to ensure
    your best interest is our business.   We never
    accept commissions of any sort and we deliver no
    sales pitches.

  • High Quality: We use scientifically-constructed
    investment portfolios

  • Low Cost:  Our fees, investment products and
    services providers are among the very lowest in
    the industry.
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Located in the heart of
the Sonoma County
wine country in
Sonoma, CA,
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